Sunday, May 25, 2008

a rough draft...

"Dreams of pulling teeth, and of teeth falling out, are interpreted in popular belief to mean the death of a connection. Psychoanalysis can admit of such a meaning only at the most as a joking allusion to the sense already indicated.

In a sense, we think that Freud left out an important childhood phenomenon, namely: the shedding of teeth. Don't we all vividly remember a tooth losening [sic] in our mouths and the strangeness of that experience? And, as is nowadays recognised, that a baby and a young child regards his body, body his possesion [sic]]. Losing these possesions [sic]...can be a traumatic experience. An experience that perhaps is still haunting us in our dreams.

We also want to stress the relation between teeth, the mouth, and talking. We need our teeth to bite our tongue. And, showing one's teeth can be a form of agression and danger (not so different from laughing, but that is another theory!). In addition, dreaming of losing our teeth may be symbolic for losing our agression [sic], and the powerlessnes [sic] we experience in our lives."

- Jerry Gifford at

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dave said...

I hope this is a rough draft of the title sequence to a film about a Hunter S. Thompson-like dentist who's solving the riddle of a satanic government conspiracy to destroy America's teeth. If not, I'll be disappointed.